Spectral Branding: Color as Part of the Larger Whole

Copiado íntegramente de BOX VOX


Arda Kissoyan’s rebranding for “Salgado Grand Crus” chocolate uses color to differentiate between varieties. There’s been a lot of recent multicolor package design for chocolate product lines. (See also: Green & Black and 100% Chocolate Cafe)

As with other “Rainbow Array Packaging(as well as the PANTONE products we were recently looking at) the full effect is in seeing the entire product range. One product by itself is is just one color, but all together they add up to the whole visible spectrum.


In this way, using color as a differentiator is a similar to the “incomplete” package design idea we were looking at yesterday. One might even say that any single color, by itself, is incomplete. A visual need for color completion might tend encourage a consumer to purchase the whole set. Or maybe one just hopes that a favorite color package contains a favorite flavor.


ColorGamut I was also intrigued by Kissoyan’s flavor diagram on the back of these packs…

“The package also contains extensive information about the product and its origin, and graphs representing the aroma descriptors (tasting notes) and the intensity in the mouth (taste intensity) of each type of cocoa.”

Attempting to map flavors on Cartesian coordinates, this chart looks quite a bit like charts mapping color gamut. (See inset on right)

The idea of that colors and flavors are somehow analogous is very reminiscent of color synesthesia which has its own implications for package design.

(Some additional photos of Kissoyan’s package design for “Salgado Grand Crus,” after the fold…)

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