Bottles & Bar Charts


Mark Swanson’s bar graph comparing alcohol content of beers

Last Friday’s look at 4 sculptures (with bottles containing varying levels of various liquids) brings us to another idea: bottles-as-bar-chart.

Courtney Gibbons 2009 bar graph showing monthly alcohol consumption

Ugleah’s 2010 “Booze Bar Chart” as inverse measure of job satisfaction and happiness

“…heard this great idea from David Gartner: celebrate project milestones with a bottle of Scotch. I’d occurred to me that you could flip this on its head and celebrate the failures instead. A cool byproduct: the bottles turn into life-sized bar charts of project successes and happiness.”


Graphic comparing Champagne bottle sizes via Gastronomista

Stacy Levy’s Calendar of Rain installation

“Each day of the show is represented by a bottle sandblasted with that day’s date. The current day’s bottle is placed under a flask. If it rained or snowed that day, the precipitation is funneled into the gallery. After 24 hours, the bottle is capped and placed back into the calendar, a series of five glass shelves representing each month. By the end of the show, the piece had created a bar graph of rainfall for each week.”

The infographic for the “2012 Cone Green Trend Tracker” uses sideways bottles and gravity defying liquid levels in bar chart representing American’s expectations of corporate responsibility & environmental impact.

(Also works with cans, after the fold…)

Earth911’s bar chart with multi-sized cans depicting increased “aluminum in the waste stream” over the years. (But is it only the heights of the cans that we should compare? Or the overall volumes?)

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