Oreo Day – Estadística con galletas OREO

by RMORRIS on OCTOBER 8, 2009


Oreo Day in Mrs. Morris’ Class!

 oreo day 022 

  This week we are learning the letter O, so we decided to have fun with Oreos. The students remember more when they can attach the memory to a fun experience.

           At Mrs. Morris’ table, the students got to share how they like to eat their Oreos. Each child got an Oreo and a glass of milk. They all were asked how they liked to eat their Oreos and Mrs. Morris recorded their answers in the class Oreo Book. This will encourage the kids to read the book once it is in the Library Center and it helps them understand that the words on the page have meaning. Mrs. Morris took a picture of each child eating their Oreo to illustrate each page.

oreo day 019

Mrs. Blackshear had an Oreo stacking contest with the kids. They could only use one hand to stack the Oreos and they could not straighten the tower. This encouraged the students to focus on their fine motor skills to build a tall tower. After each child built a tower, they graphed the results. This reinforced the math concepts of more and less and one-to-one correspondence by counting their stacked Oreos. They also went from the concrete activity to a more abstract version with pictures of Oreos to represent their tower on the graph.

oreo day 020

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