Chockoshots: dual packages form polyhedral ball

Art of Packaging 2011 (Photo via: Simpli)

We’ve covered other soccer-ball shaped package designs, but this one is notable both for it’s complexity and (relative) practicality. Winner of a WorldStar 2013 award (and a  2012 Packstar award), “ChockoShots — EuroTrophy For You” was designed by Adam Marczuk of Werner Kenkel Poland.

Two modular packages for candy, which (when collected in sufficient quantities by candy-consuming soccer fans) may be assemble into a soccer ball shape. (i.e.: a truncated icosahedron)

Photo of Adam Marczuk with his structural package design (via: Urzędu Gminy Włoszakowice)

In the photo above you can see one of the opened hexagonal packs. According to my count the consumer would need to purchase 20 of those packs, plus 12 of the pentagonal packs in order to assemble one complete ball. (A nice sales incentive: “collect all 32!”)

In addition to being a brilliant polyhedral collector pack, the product, as it is envisioned here, is also a fractal pack, since the modular packages, themselves, contain little soccer-ball wrapped candies.

I appreciate how, in an interview, Marczuk says that, while he personally is not a “footballer” he is “aware of the popularity of this sport.”

That’s pretty much sums up how I feel, too.  (Don’t care so much about the sport, but love the polyhedral geometry of the ball.)

What sets this package apart from the fact that it has the shape of a ball?

AM: They are distinguished by the fact that it arises only after the dozens of smaller packages. The ball is made of two types of individual packages of pentagonal and hexagonal structures. Furthermore, the packaging has been so designed that the individual element y can function independently. So, for example, a customer purchasing or receiving in promoting small box of pralines, chocolates in the shape of cupcakes, learns from the inside of the package, that after making the ball, will be able to make or create some other form, other configurations, more or less futuristic.

It’s like playing with building blocks.

AM: Yes, and it was generally the idea that the manufacturer using social networking sites can offer your customers a fun product with the packaging. This is the so-called second life package, and therefore not necessarily paper recycling by throwing it into a shredder or  recyclable.

Two Lives Package, Interview with Adam Marczuk
Wieslaw Strzymińska, Urzędu Gminy Włoszakowice, September 2012

(More photos, after the fold…)

Werner Kenkel CEO, Halina Florek holding Marczuk’s Chockshot’s package

Left: Marczuk, holding his Chockshots structure; right: sitting on another another polyhedral structure

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