Polyhedra from packaging

Glen Whitney’s truncated cuboctahedron made from biscuit and tea packages

On the package design blog, we call boxvox, we often like to feature packages designed with exotic, polyhedral structures. And from time to time we’ve looked at polyhedral constructions made from discarded bottles or cans.

Today, we have a round-up of polyhedra made from other types of food packaging. (Sometimes the packages still contain food.)

An icosahedron made from Smarties candy packs by Vi Hart

Keri Omuro’s origami polyhedron made from gum wrappers is the 2nd icosahedron stellation (aka: a compound of 5 octahedra)

Ed Chew’s geodesic TetraBox lamp shades are made from foil-lined Tetra Brik packages

Jeannine Mosely’s “Waxing Gibbous” is a rhombicuboctahedron made from woven strips of molded pulp egg cartons (a technique she calls “or-egg-ami”)

Visto en BOX VOX

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