Magdalenas científicas – Cupcakes

I made red velvet cupcakes, just to be different. They were very messy to make. My whole kitchen was red. I’m not sure I’m choose that flavor again.

Red velvet cupcakes

I had consulted with my brother earlier in the week, who is studying advanced Math in college right now. I asked him to draw me a few of his favorite Math symbols or expressions. Isn’t that kind of a funny request, to have favorite Math expressions? Apparently not, his reply was just what I was looking for.


I had two more symbols than I had cupcakes, since I had to draw these in icing I chose the two most complicated ones to exclude.

Decorating cupcakes

I think the end result was just geeky enough for Dad. However it did make it a little difficult to decide which cupcake to eat. And they afforded us the pleasure of Math jokes all evening. According to Andrew the one with the symbol for the set of all real numbers was extra filling because it contained all the numbers. Mom tested the one with the infinity symbol on in to see if it would grow back as she ate it, making it last forever. They were lots of fun, maybe you should make Math cupcakes for your next gathering!

Finished cupcakesHappy Father's Day

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Una respuesta a Magdalenas científicas – Cupcakes

  1. Lau D. dijo:

    Tu blog es toda una inspiracion para mi… me encantan tus recetas!! ya he hecho algunas y son toda una delicia.

    Si quieres pasarte por mi blog!! lo estoy empezando!! espero que te guste!!


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