Inverted Packaging Pyramids

More recently, the traditional pyramid concept has been turned on its head creating an even more improbable packaging display.

Two examples:

1. The earlier precedent was set by SpongeBob in his 2002 “Party Pooper Pants” episode.

(Leo Burnett’s later version, after the fold…)

2. The later example is from Leo Burnett Manila in 2010:

“Coke Zero bottles and cans were neatly stacked into an inverted pyramid — an unthinkable yet functional spectacle for shoppers…

The Inverted Pyramid display vividly separated Coke Zero from the sea of sodas in the shelves. Clear proof was the 13% sales increase in select supermarkets and groceries since the installation of the special stands.”

See also: Upside-Down Branding

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