Chained Polyhedral (Seafood Pastry) Packs


Packaging design for “Tzukuan Seafood Pastry” by Bosin Design: another example of what we like to call a chained polyhedral pack.

Here, there are three connected boxes with a modified “pillow pack” structure. Instead the typical curved closure, these boxes each have polyhedral facets forming a concave closure at each end—with illustrations transforming these closures, at one end into a fish mouth and the other end into a fish tail.

Since each box is essentially an prism made from a 60° rhombus, the three boxes, connected by twine, can be rolled up into a hexagonal bundle—(See also: Close Packing)—or unwound into a mobile-like hanging display.



(Some photos of the product’s packaging in the real world, after the fold…)




(See also: Structural Packaging: the can made to fit the fishChained Polyhedral Portion Packs and Chained Tetrahedral Portion Packs)

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