Hyperbolic Canned Food Pyramids

Hyperbolic Canned Food Pyramids


If you watched the SpongeBob video in the previous post, you may have noted his interest in two things: stacked pyramids of canned goods and the Guinness Book of Records. This was deliberate foreshadowing, on our part, because we, too, are interested in those two things.

I’m calling them “hyperbolic” because each of these canned food pyramids, while ostensibly assembled to benefit various charitable causes, also aspired to be thepenultimate “world’s largest” canned food pyramid.

Each one broke the previous Guinness World record, but uneasy is the head that wears the crown. As in most endeavors, any preeminence achieved here is fleeting, since competing in the canned-food-pyramid community is apparently an endless, unwinnable arms race.

1. August 2011, USA: the record is set by BRR Architecture Inc., a Kansas City engineering firm, for its stacked pyramid of 17, 575 cans of Best Choicevegetables. (Canned foods going to Harvesters—The Community Food Network)

2. September 2012, South Africa: the previous record broken is by Nedbank employees in Gauteng for their stacked pyramid of 19,019 cans.


3. May 2013, USA: the previous record is broken by the Cranford Teen Advisory Board’s “Cranford Can” for its stacked pyramid of 25,585 cans of ShopRite vegetables. (Canned food going to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey)

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